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What Our Customers Are Saying

"Hi, I am Art from Hyde Park. I recently ordered a root beer at the Halfway Cafe and I was shocked when they brought out a frosty mug and a bottle of Tower Root Beer which I had not seen in years. I figured there was no way that this could be the same soda that I grew up with as a kid. But as soon as I smelled that familiar aroma and tasted it, I knew it must be back. After that, I went to the website to find a retail store that sells Tower Root Beer which led me to Walnut Market."

Art-Hyde Park, MA

"Tower Root Beer was my favorite beverage growing up in the 60's. I'm looking forward to trying it again. Any chance it might be available at some more retail outlets in the Waltham area?"

Bruce-Waltham, MA

"I live in Bellingham, WA near the Canadian border half way between Seattle and Vancouver, BC. Do you have a distributor in this part of the world? I tried your product at the Old Town Rootbeer Company in Temecula, CA while on vacation. This is the best diet soft drink I have ever tasted."

Dave-Bellingham, WA

"I remember when this root beer was in every food store when I was growing up!!! Good stuff!!!"


"Only the BEST root beer. Thank you for that home delivery."


"I've thoroughly enjoyed the taste of Tower Root Beer. Living "Deep in the Heart of Texas," I rarely get a chance to enjoy things from "back home" in Boston. My parents have brought Tower out on their last two trips. Ah, the taste of good root beer AND the comfort of "back home." Thank you!"

Jamie-"Deep In The Heart Of Texas"

"The entire family likes Tower Root Beer so much, I have to stock a case in the basement to ensure that we don't go through a whole case in a day."

Jan-Wayland Farmers' Market

"My grandfather used to put chocolate ice cream in a glass of Tower Root Beer for me every time I came in his back door!!! Too bad some of these best New England food brands cannot be found in Austin, TX!!!!"

Linda-Austin, TX

"I have my bottle of Tower Root Beer sitting on my table while I sell my own products. I don't usually drink any kind of tonics, but I like your product so much that I can tell people about it myself when they ask about it and direct them."

Mandy-Wayland Farmers' Market

"I have tried many root beers in the past, and it always has been one of my favorite drinks.

Who knew that on a routine business trip to Boston I would find 1) a southern style barbecue restaurant, and 2) by far the best root beer I've ever tasted. I burned the name "Tower Root Beer" into my mind before leaving Redbones that night.

Oddly, just the week before, I was drinking a mass-produced diet root beer and commenting on how good it was compared to other diet drinks. Now I hope to try the diet version of Tower, but how can I get it in Texas?"

Mark-McKinney, TX

"My husband and I drank an entire case of Tower Diet Root Beer in just a few days we loved it so much. This is the best diet soda we have ever had, it doesn't have that diet soda taste (you know the one I mean)!!!! My husband used it to make Root Beer floats. I am not a big soda drinker but I do have to say if I am going to drink soda, this is going to be the only one I drink from now on. I can't wait for you sell it up iin my area (Methuen, MA). I can't wait to get more and have told tons of people about it. Thanks!!!"

Melissa-Methuen, MA

"Tower Root Beer out sells all my other root beer. My customers love it!"

Ray-Symmes Mini Mart in Arlington, MA

"I used to stock Tower Root Beer in my father's store when I was a kid. I am glad to see that it is back, because it is still the best root beer around!" 

Richard-Cape Cod, MA

"When we were kids, on Friday nights we would get Pizzas from Taranto's Bar & Grille on Newton Street (Waltham), and 4 bottles of "tonic" from across the street Nolan's “packy” (both are now closed): Coke, Squirt, Cliquot Club Orange Soda, and Tower Root Beer! Oh, how I have missed Tower Root Beer! You can't believe how excited I was to find out that Tower Root Beer is back!

I grew up on Tower Root Beer so, to me, this is The Root Beer against which all other root beers are measured. For years, every time I would go into a store and see some brand of root beer I had never tried before I would buy it hoping to recapture that little taste of my childhood. I've tasted a lot of good root beers, but none of them tasted like Tower.

For some reason I did a Google search on Tower Root Beer the other day and, to my surprise, I found your website announcing that Tower Root Beer was back in production. My quest had ended. I found my Holy Grail of root beer! I went out and picked up a couple of six packs. I couldn't wait to get home, so I cracked open a cold one as soon as I got into my car. I was immediately transported back 35 years. Ahhhh, so good!

Your #1 Fan!"

Robert-Waltham, MA

"Well I just found out that my childhood favorite Root Beer is back. I can't wait to have my children try this New England favorite that I grew up with. I can't thank you and your family enough."

Scott-Manchester, NH

"I recently had the pleasure of trying Tower Diet Root Beer for the first time at my sister-in-laws Forth of July cookout. Without question it was the best diet root beer I have ever tasted. I can’t remember the last time I was impressed by a soda, if at all, but this root beer is truly something special. I keep thinking about it, telling other people about it and I definitely want more. Thank you Tower Root Beer for making a soda I can’t get “over”."

Sue-Hanson, MA

What generations of fans are saying!

"Tower Root Beer was my favorite beverage growing up in the 60's. I'm looking forward to trying it again. Any chance it might be available at some more retail outlets in the Waltham area?"

Bruce-Waltham, MA